02 Jun 2020

I made a discovery the other day that amused me, then made me reflect upon my situation.

I was searching my laptop for a profile picture of my wife at the time. I was certain it was named Rebecca.png, so as I use the (brilliant) Everything tool, I opened a new search session and typed "Rebecca".

The search results intrigued me:

Everything results

What would HP have a icon called "Rebecca" for? It's a bit odd, "Rebecca.ico", but it clearly exists, as does "Rebecca.exe". It seems that "HP Recovery" is called "Rebecca" internally. Here's what the icon looks like:


It won't apply to everyone of course (we can't all be married to a Rebecca) but this is so incredibly apt. I realised it immediately; my recovery system, my life saver - my rubber ring when I'm drowning - is also Rebecca.

I adore my wife so very, very much. She has always stood behind me, from nudging me in the right direction for my first tech job, to abandoning her own career for twelve years to become a stay-at-home Mother to our boys, to keeping me going through my lowest point in early 2019. Having now returned to work - after committing to college and retraining herself - she now juggles the house, her work and the entire family whilst I struggle to get out of bed on time to go to work.

I try to always make her know how appreciated she is, because without her I'd be utterly lost, as would the boys - although without her baking we'd likely be much slimmer too - but I'm not good at the casual romantic stuff. However, I try to make sure to voice appreciation and thanks at every opportunity.

I hope if you've read to this point, that you can reflect upon who your Rebecca is, and tell them the same.

(And, if you're curious, I found the profile picture I was looking for. It was called Becca.png, my recall let me down!)

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