Activity (or lack of)

31 Dec 2022

2022 is nearly over and I haven't managed to blog a single entry this year. I ask myself why, and largely I answer myself with "I've been busy", which is no excuse.

The reality is, I think, something more like "it's a balancing act" that I've been losing. When faced with "shall I sit down and pen some thoughts?" I've often decided that no, some Xbox would do instead; very recently that had turned to "actually I think I'll watch the football" during the World Cup - where the four of us have been together in the same room, it's been nice.

But I can blame lots of things and still be missing the wider point: it has been a busy year, with lots of demands on time:

Work - since switching to a fully-remote role I've found myself enjoying the lack of commute, and the freedom to speak to the family when they arrive home etc. But this is a double-edged sword, where I find myself being conscientious about those minutes spent away from work and working later as a result. I really value this kind of flexibility (I start later than the rest of my team as it works for me, then work later too) but it means that I'm often not finished until 18:00 each night.

Family - I've said elsewhere that they come first and it's true. I've found it difficult to dedicate time to writing when faced with the alternative of being present as a Dad and Husband.

Other interests - yes, I still love to get a few minutes on the Xbox, or even occasionally my PC. Gaming is absolutely something I don't feel I get enough time to do as it is, and dedicated writing time has clashed with it. But I started two things this year that are new to me: Duolingo, and podcasts. It's difficult to draft blog posts if I've got my attention on something like The Rest Is Politics, That Peter Crouch Podcast or My Old Man Said, even more so if I'm practicing Spanish!

And this didn't even mention the evenings spent fixing leaks in flat roofs, weekends erecting (or painting) fences, remodeling every bedroom upstairs by moving internal walls around... It's been a chaotic year, looking back.

And yet, I still keep a list of things I'd like to vent about: the posts will happen. This country is in such a state that another complaining blog on the internet will make no difference, but I expect the writing to be cathartic, eventually.

So - more to come...

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